Xerox Chip Resetter

  1. Peter Montgomery
    Peter Montgomery
    If you're after a re chipper then you should check out Eddie's,

    "I've made a super little rechipper, that cost me under GB£25.00 less than some of the ready made chip resetter currently available from Turkey.

    An Exerpt from Eddie's post

    "I've had quite a few enquiries about chip re-setting, so thought it might be useful to post the details here.
    I've posted it as suitable for Xerox and Dell, but really any item that has a chip or reprogramable eeprom and be rechipped or reprogrammed.
    It's also handy to have a set of new / unused chips so that you can read the "full" data.
    I have the bin dumps for the Xerox 6130 and 6140, so if anyone needs these , please drop me a line."


    Here is his user name:


    Here's the link to his original post.

    Chip re-setter for Xerox and Dell

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