Wide Format Plan Copiers & CAD Printers

  1. Metro UK
    I think this forum is a great idea. I have added this section because it is quite a specialised area and it is good to be able to be able to contact and get help from others. I got into the Wide Format market because the normal copier market was becoming saturated with manufacturers and re-sellers all screwing the market. Unfortunately the Wide Format field is now going the same way.

    Anyway, I live in the UK (London) and specialise in good quality second hand Oce & Xerox Plan Copiers and CAD Printers. If anyone needs help then please feel free to contact me on telephone +44 (0) 1753 884811 or email: metrouk@yahoo.co.uk

    I sell these products in the UK and I also export the same. I can arrange professional packing and freight charges and documentation.
  2. Ctl-Alt-Del
    I'm not a full time Wide Format tech but I see them when they nee me.
  3. rdavisalan@gmail.com
    I have been working on wide format since blueprint machines certified on Xerox, Oce, Kip, Hp, and have worked on Lanier and Ricoh systems. I think it would be a good idea.
  4. KIP_Doc
    I've been working on wide format machines since 1998. Most recently on KIPs.
  5. a.ghafari
    I have been working on xerox wide format since 2002, some models like 2511,3030,3040,8825 DDS,..
    I interested to buy used xerox 510. every one have this model for sell and export please email me on info@farazchaap.com
  6. vermavp
    I am doing wide format copiers xerox 2510,2511,2520,3030,3050,now 8825-30 and now i am looking for import machines contacts required pls email me vermavp@hotmail.com
  7. allan1
    i have been doing OCE plotter machine and plotwave and colorwave and the OCE 3165e copier...
  8. gmiklas
    Bought a 8825 Xerox a few years back, and accumulated allot of information related; lots of manuals, controller setup tools, AccXES Service CD, drivers, etc,.... and willing to share; in exchange for help or second opinion from time to time with problems with the 8825 Xerox.
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