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    hp pagewide pro 452dw

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    Re: hp pagewide pro 452dw

    Quote Originally Posted by copiertec View Post
    Thanks for the Friday night, laugh, Phil!
    My pleasure brother.. even the electronic's prof that " knows it all " realized he was wrong.. great to know electronics, but if you aren't sure what coding (info) gets stored where ( multiple places on most brands) you and I know how 'quick you can brick' anything. Some things just can't be swapped around.

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    Re: hp pagewide pro 452dw

    Hi there!
    Fact is: most relevant parts in an HP (boards & everything with electronics!) canīt be switched beetween 2 (or more) engines! Thatīs the first thing they told you at the "HP-school".
    If you do it, then you get the "Phil-Factor" - you kill, bricked, fuc...d both engines.
    If thereīs no warranty on an A-4 (letter) pagewide dont order any parts, order a new machine. Itīs cheaper and better for your nerves!

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