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    Pagewide "Managed" MFP P77760Z

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    Pagewide "Managed" MFP P77760Z

    A customer has one of these and asked me to look at it. It was given to them and still new. It has toner error messg. Think it has something to do with having "non managed" ink carts in it? They had it for a long while but could never use it because of the error messg. They seem to recall HP told them something about needing starter carts? Inks that are in there now are 990XC

    Can someone tell me what the "managed" MFP means? Do you need to use special "managed" ink carts? Can it be used outside a managed setting?

    Lol, I thought it was a laser printer first looking at it.

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    Re: Pagewide "Managed" MFP P77760Z

    HP Managed Printers and MFPs are a special variant of HP device designed specifically for managed print contracts and are not available on the open market.
    Specialist pricing allows us to pass the cost-savings onto you for both hardware and supplies.
    Managed is just a cheaper band of pricing for HP partners/dealerships.

    XC = high yield contract ink cartridge.

    But I think you can use any compatible HP ink retail cartridge (they will just cost a lot more to buy).

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