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Thread: hp m806

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    hp m806

    customer complaining when sending print job it is printing really slow

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    Re: hp m806

    Did you ever find the problem? Having this issue and my tech and their IT department went through all the troubleshooting that one would normally do. I.E. moving the machine to a different location, changing IP,reloading drivers...the list goes on. Bad Jet Direct maybe?

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    Re: hp m806

    - Make sure the tray guides are set correctly for the paper loaded (Letter, Legal, A4, etc.)
    - Make sure the latest firmware is installed. 3.9.6 if using FS3 firmware or if using FS4 firmware
    - Make sure the tray is set to Standard instead of Custom in the menus? I can't think where this option is, but, I remember it from the P4xxx series that it was moved into the menus instead of a lever like on the 4200/4250/4300/4350 series paper trays.

    Last resort is to perform a Partial Clean of the HDD from the Preboot menu and start clean. This does not wipe network settings if I recall (still a good idea to have config pages, though).


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