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    Olivett MF250 / Bizhub C253

    Hi guys. i'm a Ricoh engineer by trade. Had to look at an Olivetti MF 250 which i believe is a Bizhub C253. The yellow imaging unit drum surface is scratched badly. The part number for a C253 Yellow imaging unit is IU211Y? Will this fit the olivetti without any issues or is it slightly different in some way.
    Apologies if there is a thread regarding this as i only had a quick look and usually only watch the Ricoh forum. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Olivett MF250 / Bizhub C253

    Although physically they look the same the imaging unit chip is different.
    You can fit the minolta unit but you would have to order a reset chip suitable for an olivetti and swap it over

    Hope this helps


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