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    Konica ld-6500 toner issue


    I have a LD-6500 (one of the first of now called C-6500) and having issue with the yellow toner. We put a new bottle in, but the machine still thinks it has no toner. Cannot tell if the toner bottle is spinning or not, but it sounds like it because you can hear it humming when you first put the bottle in and close the toner door. Is there such a thing as a "TONER CLUTCH" or motor that might be bad or a sensor? So now the machine has no yellow toner and cannot run even black and white jobs. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help!!!

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    Konica ld-6500 toner issue

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    Re: Konica ld-6500 toner issue

    I would start with a fresh bottle of OEM toner (TN-610) no generic BS....
    i have seen aftermarket bottle jam the system....

    Cheat the toner door...

    Need to know if the toner bottle is turning or not...
    if it is, then its your sub-hopper that may just be clogged or bad sensor...
    Start with the basics, and work your way through...

    simple swap of clutches and motors will tell you what you need to know.. takes some time to pull the covers....
    but otherwise not too bad...


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    Re: Konica ld-6500 toner issue

    Hello -
    C6500 type machines have a sub hopper that the toner goes in to and then the machine meters toner out of the sub hopper into the developer unit. There is a sub hopper toner sensor that the machine uses to determine if the sub hopper is full. If the toner bottle motor is on for a period of time and the sub hopper sensor does not say hey I am full the the machine declares an out of toner condition.

    For your problem two questions #1 is the yellow toner bottle turning? #2 is the sensor crudded up and won't give a signal?

    #1 open the front doors of the machine and enter service mode, state confirm, IO Check mode. Main code 1 sub code zero hit the start button and the yellow bottle should turn. You can see it easioly with the door open. if it does not try IO check 1-3 or 1-6 or 1-9 to turn the other color bottles. If none of them turn the prime suspect is the microswitch on the add toner door MS2 PN 12QR86011. you have to remove the entire plastic front cover to replace this. If just the yellow does not turn there is a clutch and circuit board in there but I am assuming the board is good because you can hear the bottle drive motor running.

    As long as you are here you should run IO 54-0 which exercises the yellow motor that adds toner to the dev unit and runs the agitator in the sub hopper. If the agitator is not visible going by in the plastic sub hopper top window the sensor is much more likely to be crudded up.

    #2 If the sub hopper toner sensor is bad then the sub hopper will be very full. Have a vacuum - you are also going to need some Duck Tape. This sensor is in a really bad spot and I have abandoned the idea of changing it. Look at the back of the sub hopper - three purple wires. The way it works is that a small metal plate (think size of a dime) vibrates and the machine senses that vibration as an empty hopper. When the hopper gets full the toner damps out the vibrations and the sensor says I am full. Years worth of crud caked on the sensor will do the same thing. Solution is to get a sharp knife (box cutter or Xacto) and make an L shaped cut in the plastic top cover. Make a big cut along the edges as its easier to seal up. Remove as much toner as needed with the vacuum and use your finger to gently push away the crud on the sensor. Close up with the duct tape.

    This system has worked all 5 times I tried it - good luck.


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