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    BZ950 double-siding registration

    Hi - I have a BZ950, 1.4 mil on the counter. Machine in good order.

    Ok I have a double-sided original. On both sides there is a border 1 inch in from all sides. The borders align perfectly front and back

    If I copy the one side of the original from the glass, registration is perfect. Can put the copy on top of the original and everything lines up perfectly.
    If I copy the one side from the doc feeder the copy lines up perfectly with original

    No here is the problem -- I select 2to2 and scan from the doc feeder the image is out on both side by about 5mill. and borders dont line up with each other

    If i scan from the glass 1-2 manually I get the same effect as the doc feeder.

    Hopefully this is clearly put out.

    All rollers have been cleaned. copier runs perfectly single-sided. Latest firmware up to date.

    Any carefully thought out suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    BZ950 double-siding registration

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    Re: BZ950 double-siding registration

    isnt that 2nd side restart timing?

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    BZ950 double-siding registration

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    Re: BZ950 double-siding registration

    with doc feeder you will always loose 5mm, best to copy from glass if you need 1 to 1 reproduction. You can adjust all the settings all day will never be as good as directly from the glass...



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