I have a C1070, the short history of this is that it was eating fuser belts. I changed the fuser belt about 4 times with less than 700K. So we got our DSM to approve us to get a whole new fuser unit. Okay the new fuser comes and and everything is okay for about 2 months. Then it started kicking out C-3501 errors. Alot of them with a brand new fuser. I told the customer how to clear it until I got there. So now he runs it for a bit and opened the door and lets it cool for a bit. Now what is happening is that it is taking forever to warm up. I can sit there and watch the machine with the cover off the fuser and watch the lamps turn on and off. I look at the I/O and the temp says from 195-200. get out of service and it still says that it is warming up.

I have put some paper shims on the connectors of the fuser. That seems to work for a bit and then it is back to warming up. Talked to KM and they said to check the connectors. I have the front connector assembly on order. And the back connectors I am not even going to try. Looked at the parts manual and they are not an assembly