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    Re: YSOFT usbrdrtool purpose?

    Quote Originally Posted by femaster View Post
    Not looking for software, just curious about it. I've worked with KM machines for almost 7 years and have never heard of this software nor have I ever had a need for it, at least that I know of. What is it for, and what can be done with it?
    You can do things like update the fw of the card reader and turn of unwanted protcols.
    I guess that the majority of the requests in this thread actually are for loadable drivers.

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    [CITA = gavrielx; 565976] Hola,
    żalguien tiene la usbrdtool Y-soft?
    tanques [/ CITA]

    Good day:
    First you must take into account that:
    Your team must have the following settings
    Software Switch Settings
    Switch No .: 215
    HEX Assignment: 01
    Then Install loadable driver
    You also have to install the PAGESCOPE ENTERPRISE SUITE software.
    But for card authentication it asks for a license so it is paid.
    Otherwise you can install PAPERCUT this software is also paid
    Then you must create an external directory inside PAGESCOPE ENTERPRISE SUITE or PAPERCUT.
    I have not tried using an SQL database so I do not suggest it.
    Then in this link Drivers & Downloads | HID Global
    Download the EEM Driver and install it on your computer
    If you have win 10 on your PC you must update your AU205 authentication device with a USB cable, connect it to your PC and go to this address must have internet)
    With this you can configure the authentication device and cards.
    Then in the external directory (external server) you must load all users, you do it with PAGESCOPE ENTERPRISE SUITE or PAPERCUT.
    As I mentioned, I have not tried MySQL since you have to create the database and the specific tables.


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    Re: YSOFT usbrdrtool


    Also looking for the usbrdtool if anyone can help please.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: YSOFT usbrdrtool

    I'm also looking for the usbrdrtool. It would be nice if anyone could send it to me


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