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    FS534SD folding limit

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    FS534SD folding limit

    Long shot.

    Customer has a document thats 80 pages of A4. Once you center staple and fold with A3 it ends up being 20 A3 sheets. They want to center staple and fold.
    Problem is they have a pre printed cover page they add via bypass tray. Now its 21 A3 sheets.

    The finisher just ignores the fold operation as it exceeds the 20 sheet limit.

    Is there anyway around this short of adjusting the document so it fits on 80 pages? Its only 1 more sheet of paper after all

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    Re: FS534SD folding limit

    Maximum folding is 20 sheets, in cover mode you have 1 cover sheet and 19 additional sheets that also add up to 20. 21 is over the range no matter what.

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    FS534SD folding limit

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    Re: FS534SD folding limit

    and if the cover is set to thick paper its even less.

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    Re: FS534SD folding limit

    Tell them to edit document(if possible) and make document to fit on 19 A3 sheets instead of 20.
    Or upgrade them with SD-512, up to 35 sets stitching/folding.
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