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we have a customer that has a c3851fs that upgraded from a c224e, which I consider a downgrade tbh. It seems like I can't discover it on either my phone or through windows printer discovery. They need this option enabled for people that print using their cell phones. I looked through the manual, and found that the only solution may be to have the customers download the pagescope mobile app, which isn't really going to work for this customer, has they allow the general public to connect to their network and print to that printer. Is there a specific setting that needs to be turned on, or is the printer pagescope mobile reliant? I showed the customer how to download and use the app, but all they want is simple printing. I know its not my phone because I'm back at HQ and I'm able to see older model printers on my phone's discovery no problem.
Are you talking about AirPrint?

Try updating the FW.