As some of you know I had success using an MFP from one machine to another. This customer had a few machines damaged from lightning storm. I was able to get a C754e working by using the MFP board from one of my part machines and the original SSD.

Think I'm screwed on this 2nd machine, C654 NON E. Seems to have both a bad SSD board & MFP. I put the MFP board from a working machine in with orig ssd and machine just keeps trying to start with black screen. Tried using reset FW and get "data initialization complete" on screen. As a last ditch effort put in another SSD and got 2 shark fins. That is more then anything else did!

Anyway figured i would ask if there is anything else could try and get it to work. If not going to strip machine and scrap it. Don't care about losing meters, etc. if I can get it working. Think there was only 126k on the machine so nice low meter.
If I get new SSD from Kon/Min will that work with different MFP board?

Any other ideas appreciated