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    Konica Minolta C454 + C454e

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    Konica Minolta C454 + C454e

    Hi guys,

    We have a C454 + C454e on site at a customers. These machines are giving us a bit headache as the drum/developing units don't seem the last 2 minutes in the machines. The transfer belts always seem to develop an issue with a stripe at the top side of the belt (cleaning mechanism failing), we do clean this out but there is only so much you can clean this as it will develop a permanent stripe.

    The C454e had a c4101 (which we replaced the Ph unit) then C5603 (which we replaced the FRB as it was fried) and now it has a constant C3201. These error came up straight after the other so which i believe the PRCB has gone.

    Machines are on the latest firmware.

    Meter count:
    C454 - 800,000
    C454e - 1,000,000

    Just wondering has anyone experienced these type of issues??

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    Re: Konica Minolta C454 + C454e

    Are all drums, devs, I.belt and toners original and not over life? Waste toner coupling not blocked? Clean sensors? It's possible something wasn't put back correctly when PH was replaced and now you have various problems because of that.

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    Re: Konica Minolta C454 + C454e


    Read the TAGB1701223EN (PSCSES_1701707EN)

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