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Thread: Rebooting c454e

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    Rebooting c454e

    C454e kept rebooting.So i replaced a ssd board from a good machine that we had.Copier came to ready and could copy.i updated lastest firmware.Problem is i cannot ping copier to network.Cannot access web browser.i formatted hdd.I also notice i lost movie data icon in service mode.Could it be the mfp board?light comes on when network cable is pluged in board.This from a previous post.Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Rebooting c454e

    you have to get A SSD board from Konica...not from a machine!

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    Rebooting c454e

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    Re: Rebooting c454e

    The manual and Konica Minolta say it can't be done but I've used the SSD from one machine to another. I think you have a bad MFP board. No network is very common after electrical storms - surges. My theory is the surge comes through the ethernet cable so I make sure all my customers are on surge protectors with the ethernet & fax cables going through the surge protector.

    I just had 2 boards repaired for no network. Same symptom, could copy but nothing else. These boards were from my customers who had moved the copiers and only plugged copier into surge protector not network cable. That mistake cost them $$$$

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    Re: Rebooting c454e

    Does your HDD appears like 'unset' in service mode?
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