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    C458 with a FS536 Code C1102 and Jam J 72-2

    I have a C458 with a FS536. There are 711K on the machine. I am getting J72-21 jams and often followed by a C1102. I can run this in copy mode all day long but it seems that when the users badge in and print a 20 page job, that's when the machine jams and or codes out. This company is using EquiTrak. Also, the paper will sometimes exit onto the RU unit. BTW I have 2 C458's sitting next to each other doing the exact same thing. Customer uses EquiTrack. Here are the following procedures I have done:

    1. Updated FW to W5
    2. Replaced the FS PWB (Repaired)
    3. Replaced the Switchback Unit
    4. Replaced the exit sensor on the machine
    5. Cleaned all sensors on the FS
    6. Replaced the exit tray motor M11 and sensor
    7. Swapped the FS unit and the problem goes away

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    C458 with a FS536 Code C1102 and Jam J 72-2

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    Re: C458 with a FS536 Code C1102 and Jam J 72-2

    check the clock disk for the exit belt paddle motor.

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    Re: C458 with a FS536 Code C1102 and Jam J 72-2

    There have been instances where the finisher Ejector unit bracket fails to return to home position. Check for binding drive, gear damage, belt tension.
    If there is an "internal" Ejector Unit issue that cannot easily be repaired, install a new one A87GPP1702 Ejector Unit.
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