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    Konica Minolta Broken PCB Connector Fix

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    Konica Minolta Broken PCB Connector Fix


    I came across a broken PCB connector while installing the FS-524 on the C280, and this is the way I fixed it. The solution seemed pretty obvious, but it still may be helpful to someone.


    I was about to complete the installation of the C280 that arrived the other day, by installing the finisher back on the machine. Following the installation manual instructions, I was about to connect the horizontal transport unit to the finisher, when I noticed something odd. One of the two connectors had been broken in half, presumably by the previous owner, and pin #11's housing was completely broken, with its cable sticking out.



    You will need:

    • A soldering iron with a fine tip & solder
    • Basic soldering skills
    • Dupont style connectors (one with a male and one with a female end)
    • Heat shrink (or electrical tape)

    1. Twist the offending wire of the component that is to receive power/data, etc from the other component to which we want to connect it to with the wire with the male dupont connector and then solder them together. Make sure to slide a appropriately sized heat shrink tube over the wire before twisting and soldering them together.


    2. Repeat the same process for the wire that will be connected to the wire we just modified. Since I used a male end on the other cable, I am now using a female end for the finisher side. I had to cut the offending cable on the finisher connector in order to be able to solder the dupont connector on the wire, if you find yourself in a similar position, be sure to leave a reasonable amount of wire uncut on the side that is no longer going to be used in case you ever need to reconnect it.

    The dupont wire could also be soldered directly on to the PCB if needed. Although I didn't had do this, if I had to, I'd suggest taking the PCB off the machine, and to avoid touching the board with the soldering iron for an excessive period of time.


    3. Finally, all we have to do is to connect the two pieces of the broken connector, as well as the bypass cable that we've just made. Although the connection is secure, I added just a tad of hot glue just to be sure.


    4. It works! The finisher is recognised by the copier and it functions properly.

    Hope you found this useful.

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    Konica Minolta Broken PCB Connector Fix

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    Re: Konica Minolta Broken PCB Connector Fix

    Nice job! Thanks for the detailed instructions. Hopefully I never have to use them. At this point in business with time being so valuable think I would just go buy another finisher from wholesaler for $25. Of course if none available then you have to improvise and go for it!

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    Re: Konica Minolta Broken PCB Connector Fix

    Brilliant! I remember those cables when I was doing electronics lessons in school. It happened to me once on a bizhub 4052 cable. I had to spend a whole day to replace that cable!

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