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    c35 running non stop?

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    c35 running non stop?

    hello gents,

    not really familiar with this unit. I am looking at what the bulletin available for the machine but I dont think I'm using the right "key word" to search of the article.

    any insight with this would be helpful!


    it would continue to run after rebooting, warming up, then calibrates forever.

    IU's are in good shape, fuser was recently replaced(last year).

    * oh crap. I found it

    km-C35 calibrating
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    Re: c35 running non stop?

    Hey, fragmented mind or not so. You're still doing a good job seeking KM site and using the great CTN site search. Honestly I can't do it better. Thumbs up, let the thread lives as an example what clever mind does.
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    c35 running non stop?

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    Re: c35 running non stop?

    This could be when the scanner FFC cable or the Lamp is wears out.
    Usually comes with 9401 or 9402 error code.

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