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    Re: Biz Hub C224e with DF701- scan glass assy jam?

    I recently had one bend the back corner but only about 1/4" - 1/2" with a fairly low jams. After going through it several times and finding nothing that I thought could possibly be putting the originals in a bind, I blew it out with an air compressor at 90psi (heh heh). This worked, but I never found the culprit. I am assuming it was a hidden staple or something...

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    Re: Biz Hub C224e with DF701- scan glass assy jam?

    Quote Originally Posted by RandyW View Post
    Does the document reading roller/1 ever cause jamming? Was reading it is supposed to lift up. Seems to be 1 page goes through ok and then multipages is when a corner is getting bent up.

    The original is ok I think up until the area near the A3CEPP1B01 White Sheet.Attachment 45379
    I had one jamming intermittently exactly like this and it was the rear hook of the 2nd side door, not latching completely because the customer was just pushing on the top/front to close it instead of firmly pressing it shut in the middle. Also, maybe something is bent not allowing the side closest to the hinge to fully lock the hook into place.
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    Re: Biz Hub C224e with DF701- scan glass assy jam?

    we ended up adjusting the height some on the ADF and there was some black(?) mylar our guy said he had to adjust. Not the one on the scan glass assy...although he did cut that like one of the posters commented.

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    Re: Biz Hub C224e with DF701- scan glass assy jam?

    I have noticed that these document feeders are also cracking near the left hinge. A couple of signs that I look for are: 1) check the screws that secure the hinge to the ADF base there is usually one of them that is loose or won't tighten. 2) you can't adjust the ADF height. If nothing is working, I would suspect you have a cracked ADF base. While you're at it check the clear mylar that has been mentioned. you might want to change it. It's kind of a pain to do. Good luck

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