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    C300i - Color Cast on Scans

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    Re: C300i - Color Cast on Scans

    Quote Originally Posted by qbert69 View Post
    I would check & re-seat all electrical connectors pertaining to the scanner connection!...that is, if you're a tech! Otherwise call a local tech!C300i - Color Cast on ScansC300i - Color Cast on Scans

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    I am a trained tech, but that was a while ago. Nowadays i do a different job, but still maintaining my printers and MFPs by myself.

    But if this boils down to be a hardware issue i`ll sure call the dealer. I thought this might be a known problem.

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    Re: C300i - Color Cast on Scans

    Quote Originally Posted by mkonkelz View Post
    Would be great if someone could provide me a newer firmware to install.

    When i can`t solve the problem i`ll call the KM dealer.

    I think the chances are pretty high, that this is a software problem? No?
    At this point my recommendation is leave it to dealer.

    If you persist to attempt something maybe try FW in case of data corrupted.
    For easy start change sw25 in system 2 to 10 equal function version 2.0 and reboot. I could help with FW monday.

    Don't disassemble anything for now possible warranty voids etc. Any parts replacement must be at dealership expenses so they will want to troubleshoot/test/resolve it by their techs not you(customer).
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