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    BH-C-360, file name for Scan>FTP

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    BH-C-360, file name for Scan>FTP

    I'm trying to put under a "Program Button" a few settings which remains the same for each particular scan made with that program button.

    In Pagescope I can set the Address, anonymous or not, resolution, file type etc. The scans are landing in the proper file with a dedicated name depending on the machine, time and date. That time/date stamp would be all OK.

    However it would be fine to have included in the filename (name of the scan) not only this time/date stamp but also a standard number or marking depending on of which program button I used for this scan.

    So, I would like in the file name included not only a time and date stamp but also a dedicated number or name depending on the program button used (and eventually also the name of the machine but that would not be necessary). I can use for that purpose - in the basic settings of the program list - the field "File Name" (see attachment), could use "xyz123" or so but than the previous mentioned time and date stamp is being removed and only xyz123 remains.

    When using that dedicated File Name is there a general command which can be added for let's say time and or date in this field additional to the xyz123?

    You guys have a solution for this?


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    BH-C-360, file name for Scan>FTP

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    Re: BH-C-360, file name for Scan>FTP

    Utility - User Settings - Scan Fax Settings - Page 2 - Auto rename function = ON

    This will allow you to put a custom file name and keep the date stamp

    Will be the scan name you specify followed by the standard KM-C36020062909180 date stamp (why its backwards is unknown to me but thats normal)

    auto rename.JPG
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