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I thought the same thing about dev dumped but how do you explain it only happening when copying? Original poster said prints are ok. Which wouldn't be the first time a poster / end user doesn't give correct or enough information. Also they post and never hear from them again.

You would think someone getting free advice would stop back and let us know what the fix was or even to say thank you!
I'm with you on this one. Have seen quite a bit of this lately. Post asking for help, provide only limited details of the problem, some techs jump in and offer the best advice they can with the limited information that was provided, and then that's it. OP never returns, never follows up with anything that may have been asked of them, or whether any of the suggestions resolved the issue.

Only speculation here, but perhaps they really are end users, and when we start throwing around foreign words like development unit, halftone, drum, consumables, etc. they feel overwhelmed and run away with their tail between their legs. \_(ツ)_/