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    Re: Konica Minolta Counter by email issue

    Wonder if it could be a missing <from address>?

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    Re: Konica Minolta Counter by email issue

    Quote Originally Posted by allan View Post
    Wonder if it could be a missing <from address>?

    machine email address, either for counters and scan to email, have the same address used for testing.

    Now I'm trying through yahoo mail, but the machine when I try to scan to email, said "Server Connection Error".

    The Lan is open, no HW firewall, put the GOOGLE DNS and tried CLOUDFLARE DNS, there is no exclusion, TCP port
    like machine asked are all open, no ports closed for internet.

    I know that this setup is simple but tried so many times and return always the same error "SERVER CONNECTION ERROR"

    Soooo frustrating!


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    Re: Konica Minolta Counter by email issue

    Hi.. Yahoo wont work their spam filter bolcks these.. what about smtp from the ISP of the client or

    Try Restricted Gmail SMTP Serve on Port 25 no SSL/TLS required or authentication for this . ** but can only send emails to gmail address

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    Re: Konica Minolta Counter by email issue

    Quote Originally Posted by fatduke View Post
    I know that this setup is simple but tried so many times and return always the same error "SERVER CONNECTION ERROR"
    Lengthy story, skip the first paragraph if you don't feel like heavy reading, but hopefully this will solve your problem...

    Just had a thought here. We tend to pick up a lot of Off-Lease copiers that we refurbish and subsequently lease out to our own customers. During this refurb, we setup and test everything to make sure the machines are fully functional. Similar to your issue, I had come across a couple machines that refused to do any sort of scan to email, always coming back with the message you indicated above, "Server Connection Error". The copier passed through 4 different techs hands, each of us checking everything we could come up with; verifying all settings, authentication credentials, etc., and everything was correct, yet it just would not connect to the mail server. We wrote off the first couple as being unable to scan for whatever unknown at the time reason, despite everything else working. I eventually came across another with the same exact problem and was determined to figure out what was going on. After a LONG LONG troubleshooting session, involving multiple days, I ended up figuring out what the problem was. An expired self-sign SSL certificate installed in the copier. It doesn't necessarily have to be self-signed, any SSL certificate, if expired, will cause this problem.

    Does the copier have an SSL certificate installed? If so, it may be expired. If you don't know it wouldn't hurt to check anyway. If you are using Start TLS or similar in your SMTP settings, an expired SSL certificate in the copier will prevent the copier from connecting to the mail server and always result in a "Server Connection Error" when trying to do any kind of scan/send to email.

    I don't know the way to get to the certificate area through the copier touch panel as I've always done it through the web interface. Since you still have not told us what model you are working on, I've provided instructions for a Cxx4e model, but others should be similar:

    • Browse to the web interface and log in as the Administrator.
    • Select the Security tab, PKI Settings, then Device Certificate Setting.
    • If the device has a certificate installed it will show up here and give you details about it, including when it expires.
    • If it's expired, select Setting, Remove a Certificate, and OK to delete the thing.

    Unless you know that you need an SSL certificate for something, just leave it empty. If you need one, you would know what for, and should know how to install or create a new one.
    Hope this gets you back on track!
    Ricoh Service Tech for 7 year, now a Konica Minolta Service Tech for the last 6 years.
    My Ricoh knowledge is slowly dwindling away at this point. Many things have been lost to time...

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    Re: Konica Minolta Counter by email issue

    Have you tried a network reset from the service mode? Had a similar issue with scan to email and it fixed it.

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