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    "Start button" not working C364e

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    Re: "Start button" not working C364e

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil B. View Post
    I haven't seen ANY contract that allowed for " abuse " of the copier.. it's always been a charge call... freebies only hurt you the owner/tech.

    Exactly!! I was trying to be nice.

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    Re: "Start button" not working C364e

    Does not mean there was no charge for a 30min solder job.

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    "Start button" not working C364e

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    Re: "Start button" not working C364e

    Quote Originally Posted by tsbservice View Post
    There is microswitch under green Start button. If you have some skills with soldering-iron you can replace it with new microswitch. On other brand old analog machines I even used to rob another unused from customers button(switch) and place it in place of faulty one.
    Perfect !! I do this whenever I have problems!
    Nothing like day after day

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    "Start button" not working C364e

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    Re: "Start button" not working C364e

    Quote Originally Posted by Genotrom View Post
    hi, i have a bizhub c364e with the blue button defective. You have to press it several times to start the command. I think the key has oxidized inside. I ordered a new panel because there is no single piece. I have even started the remote panel on a tablet to allow the customer to use the printer and work but I ask you if anyone knows any trick to solve. I don't know how long it will take before a new operator panel
    Computer/automotive trick:

    With the thing unpowered. Dowse it with 91%(+) alcohol and mash that button for a few minutes. Let it completely dry before supplying power. The fact that it works sporadically is probably due to bad internal contacts in the switch itself, you might get lucky with this method. You can also use electrical cleaner aerosols, but I have seen those discolor plastics.

    This of course cannot be used in all settings as it will take hours before you are sure it is completely dry.

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