I would like to ask if someone had the problem that the wrong paper size was printed. Bizhub c258/ Windows Server 2016/ Client Windwos 10 / Application Adobe Reader

A customer claims that the printer sporadically prints on A3 although the document is an A4 size and the driver is set to automatic.
The setting of the tray is set to stop and not to change the tray.

The customer also said that this problem has already occurred with the bizhub c224e.
I have never had this problem and then I always think that the customer made the setting for a other PDF(size A3) and then did not close the program and it is open in the background so that the old settings are still set.

But the customer insists that he knows the procedure and pays attention to it.
Unfortunately, he or I cannot reproduce the problem on the same PDF which is sometimes printed correctly and only sporadically on the wrong paper format.
And it happens on various PDF's 20-50 pages which the customer receives.

Thank you for feedback.