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    Fiery Driver setting override issue ..

    Hi guys , have a client using konica minolta IC-418 on a Bizhub C759 . Driver they use is Fiery ES IC-418 PS1.0 and they print using PDF and OMS500 software.
    Issue they having is that they cannot override default driver setting using pdf print dialog or MS WORD print dialog. They do not want to go through properties button.
    Fiery have the latest patches installed and the print driver version is 6.3 .005 . Any workarounds ?

    I have tried LPR , Raw protocols on different ports, different print processors (winprint,konica) with different data types , enable/disable advanced printing features , enable/disable two-way communication and enable/disable collating with no luck.

    We are using KM c759 driver as a workaround but the client is not happy with color reproduction .

    Any help is highly appreciated.

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    Re: Fiery Driver setting override issue ..

    driver Advance tab set printer defaults

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    Re: Fiery Driver setting override issue ..

    Just trying to understand...PDF print dialog box comes up..I assume there are setting they want to change but these are not avaialble in the default window..And they don't want to go through all of the trouble to click print properties and make changes??? Let me start with KM should never have added Fierys to the office line up..The features they allow you to take advantage of are usually only found in produciton environments..The gamut of a office machine is set in stone..The Fiery cannot change this..Maybe you get spot color, If they have a spectrophotometer, or Pantone matching, but even the abiltity to create profiles based on paper types is useless as the MFP paper tray settings are "thick 1,2,3 ect"..What a waste of money. So maybe they should reach out to Adobe or Microsoft to tell them to add the feature they need to the dialog box..KM doesn't decide this crap..E

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    Fiery Driver setting override issue ..

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    Re: Fiery Driver setting override issue ..

    Quote Originally Posted by emujo2 View Post
    ...Let me start with KM should never have added Fierys to the office line up....
    i tend to disagree, however i do have an unsettling passion for Fierys and making them do whatever, whether it's building a great PC workstation with a GTX video card, cleaning off the old CPU paste and applying AS5 for better cooling, upgrading the RAM or flashing a fresh copy of system software......MMMmmmm. (told you it was unsettling)
    anyway, just to be able to manipulate the colors by % or playing with the color curves, highlights matching custom pantones, ICC profiles, really getting it as close to press quality as the customer wants makes it worth it.
    the downside is the video interface board. buggy little bastards.

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