I have problem with my Konika Minolta bizhub C3851FS - error code C3201. It means:
*Fusing motor failure to turn. The motor lock signal remains HIGH for a predetermined continuous period of time while the motor is turning.
*Causes: Fusing motor (M2) MFP board (MFPB).
*Remedy:1. Check the connector between M2-MFPB CN6E for proper connection and correct as necessary. 2. Check the loading status of the fusing unit drive, and correct the error as necessary. 3. M2 operation check Control signal: MFPB CN6E-11 to 14 Location of electrical component: 2-C 4. Replace M2. 5. MFPB F9E conduction check 6. Replace MFPB.

MFP has printed very little since purchase (near ~ 30-40k pages and ~3 years of ecspluatation).
I suspect fuser unit malfunction for first.
Is any service command to turn on M2 motor for check it? (I havn't service manual for this model).
Нow to check loading status of the fusing unit drive - how easy it should be to rotate in this model?
Anybody had this error code (c3201) in this mfp?