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    Office365 email scan

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    Re: Office365 email scan

    Quote Originally Posted by nelo View Post
    Below is the details I entered.

    Port #: 25 or 587 Start TLS
    Authentication: Enabled
    Password: xxxxxx

    From address:

    I got connection error on ports # 25 and 587.

    I didn't want to confuse myself with all types of office365 scan to email setups so I was just trying the simple setup.

    Below is another office365 setup done by another customer IT suport and scan to email works fine. Tried the similar setup on my customer but same result.

    Port #: 25 / start TLS
    Authentication: disabled
    Basic procedure I follow to setup Gmail or office 365 scanning in more detail below:

    First---Get the following data:

    SMTP server address
    SMTP port number
    IP address of Konica MFP

    Open IP address of copier in chrome
    Pagescope web connection opens
    Login as admin (default 12345678 twice)

    System settings: Important--- Fill out the 2 email address fields with a valid gmail or office 365 address(the rest of the fields just put in whatever you want)

    Go to Network settings:
    Select TCP/IP settings and enter primary DNS server
    Google (secondary
    Go to email TX settings(SMTP) :
    Turn on email TX and check SMTP enter host name box
    Gmail: enter
    select start TLS
    port number: use 587 (or sometimes need to use 465 or 25)
    scroll down verify device email is correct
    check the SMTP authentication box
    also enter the email address in the user id field
    check the password has changed box and enter email password

    Go to store address and set it up for each user.

    For Office 365
    Mailbox: You must have a licensed Office 365 mailbox to send email from.
    Transport Layer Security (TLS): Your device must be able to use TLS version 1.2 and above.Under the security tab in pagescope verify TLS box is checked to enable it.
    Port: Port 587 (recommended) or port 25 is required and must be unblocked on your network. Some network firewalls or ISPs block ports, especially port 25.
    DNS: You must use the DNS name Do not use an IP address for the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 server, as IP Addresses are not supported.

    This method will not work when 2FA (2 factor authentication) is enabled for office 365. Instead, use Direct Send with no authentication.
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    Re: Office365 email scan

    Quote Originally Posted by nelo View Post
    Would SSL / TLS security certificate needed to be created?
    Create a new certificate with SHA-256 encryption.

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    Office365 email scan

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    Re: Office365 email scan

    What is the network error code. I know you said server connection error, but there should also be a numeric code to give you more details.

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    Re: Office365 email scan

    Side note, I see you are in PNG, I was just there for 3 weeks

    With the office 365 scanning you can use the direct send method with no authentication at all, but some settings need to be entered into the domain provider settings or emails from the machine always be detected as spam. Downside of this is you can only scan to email addresses within your own domain.

    The IT person should be able to follow the instructions, its not hard. I did it with my home machine and office365 account.

    Or as others say, you could just setup a Gmail account with less secure apps enabled. Its easy and works.

    App password for the mfp is also an option for office365 scanning too, but not available with all subscription types.
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    Office365 email scan

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    Re: Office365 email scan

    Quote Originally Posted by nelo View Post
    Hi All, I have customer who's got a C224e and has been trying to scan to email but scans are failing. This started after they upgraded to office365.

    I am out of ideas and seek some assistance to rectify this issue.

    Thank you.
    Sent you a PM. What is your email address?
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