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    AU201S for i series


    I wanna ask the AU201S genuine card reader is compatible with all kinds of card ( HID, Felica etc... )?

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    AU201S for i series

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    Re: AU201S for i series

    If U load the multi card driver I think so.mind U I don't normally leave it on multi card as if you swipe your card through a wallet, other cards can be read instead causing obvious issues

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    Re: AU201S for i series

    If you use the card in CCID mode you need the driver that works with your card type..HID Prox or I class.. Any other cards require the reader to be in keyboard wedge mode, and the card programmed to read your particular card style..Most are supported but one I know of that isn't is Cassio Russo (myfare)..The machine requires the KBW driver to understand what the reader is sending. Edit...I did not see Au201S..This may not be applicable..I saw 205H

    2nd the US there is not Au201S..there is an Au201H and 205H. If you meant the AU 201H then you are out of luck..This is a obsolete reader and the last update was for CCID mode on the C368. E
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