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    Bizhub 308, License Kit LK-101 or LK-102...

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    Bizhub 308, License Kit LK-101 or LK-102...

    Hey there... this customer wants to have Google Docs on the machine (or something related to Google; sorry I can't recall exactly) and my understanding is that they will need a License Kit to do that with.... I've never installed this, so is it just a F/W file that enables this option? Or is there actual hardware that needs to be installed? I've read the manual, and it seems it can be initialized through the Admin panel or Service Mode.

    Any help appreciated!


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    Bizhub 308, License Kit LK-101 or LK-102...

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    Re: Bizhub 308, License Kit LK-101 or LK-102...

    Enable Web Browser -> Install Marketplace -> Buy and Install "Connector for Google Drive"

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    Re: Bizhub 308, License Kit LK-101 or LK-102...

    The web browser functionality is there out of the box, but you need to be showing 4 GB of RAM to use it. These machines were supposed to come with the full amount. but many reps didn't order the expanded memory module. Newer 8 series also came with market place installed, just waiting to be enabled. I would update your machine to the latest firmware/function mode, check the memory and delete the factory SSL cert , then build a new one and enable SSL. The new firmware gives them free PDF/A features as well. Once you get to this point have them create a marketplace account. Most of the apps have a 30 day trial version you can play with..IMHO very few of the scan to **** apps work very well. I'm pretty sure if you don't get the f/w and function version updated you will have nightmares trying to get connected to marketplace or making any of them work. E

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