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    C224e FRB burned


    I have a C224e with the following issues.

    Quick history of the problem. The Machine started with minor things like you are printing 1000 sheets it will display 200 sheets printing.

    Than Suddenly one day it started with errors 4101,5603,2564,4501, 2558, the Technicians couldn't solve.

    Last technician Powered it up than while busy on his phone The FRB burned, than the PRCB also got damaged or something. He suggested I buy all new boards.

    I Had about 5 technicians from Konica they couldn't Clear the 4801 error on the new boards apparently boards were not properly changed because it didn't want to do Data engine back up it was just giving NG results ( with Old boards installed. So they all gave up

    eventually I managed to clear the 4801, got all new, MFPB , SSD, PRCB and FRB properly according to the Manual instructions. but there was a C-146 which is not anywhere in the manual and the Bypass tray just kept going up and down.

    And than suddenly the FRB burned again ( and this is the 3rd FRB )and the PRCB ( second replacement ) also has issues now. And random Errors ( C3201,C 4091,C 5102,C 0214, C0202, C2564 , ( B003 -I don't even have Fax boards ) .

    My Question is What is likely to be causing these boards to burn and/or damage. And is this Fixable or should I just throw out the machine?

    Your Wisdom will be appreciated.

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    C224e FRB burned

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    Re: C224e FRB burned

    Wow! sorry you are way in over your head. The biggest mistake here was the technician who told you to replace the boards! You should of cut your losses at that point.

    Anyway you describe such an unusual issue that it will be almost impossible to solve.

    Wish I could of been more help. If I think of anything will post right away.

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    Re: C224e FRB burned

    I hate to say it but unfortunately nobody here can solve this puzzle offline. Even online after so many techs messing and so many board replaced.
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    Re: C224e FRB burned

    CN4 - PH unit skew correction motors

    The burnt component appears to be part of the stepper motor driver, and in your case it is responsible for controlling the Cyan skew motor.
    Probably there is a short circuit between windings of the stepper motor that leads to overcurrent and burning the component.

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