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    Question Dead Bizhub Press C1070

    Trying to help out another tech. Any thoughts?

    PF- 707 - Paper Feeding Cabinet
    DF 626 - Reverse Automatic Document Feeder
    IC 602 - Image Controller
    UK 104 - Upgrade Kit
    FS 612 - Booklet Finisher

    Parts Changed
    1 Hard Drive
    Fuser Rollers
    Development Unit
    Cleaning Unit
    Transfer Belt and Transfer Rollers
    4 Coronas
    PRCB board (Used) - We did not have new boards to try
    Power Supply Board (Used) - We did not have new boards to try

    The machine was serviced and we started printing, everything worked perfect, 45 minutes later while printing the machine powered off and restarted for itself. After 15 minutes of printing the machine powered off again and never came back on.
    The technician came back and disconnected all the connected connectors for the PRCB and reconnected them. We then powered back the machine and worked for about 30 minutes and powered off again.

    Please Note: when we powered on the machine from the main power switch (with the sub power switch off) the power light went straight to green (ON) and its supposed to show red (STANDBY) and turning the sub power switch on the light remained green but no power.

    Surge Protector and current from the wall was checked and all were good, checked the main power switch and sub power switch and those were all tested good

    The technician later came back and replace a used PRCB board and tried to update the firmware but was unsuccessful because the machine wasn't powering on, then we did tried a used power supply board and tried cleaning the memory but the same problem persisted.

    We also tried to power up the machine without the Paper feed unit and booklet finisher disconnected and the problem persisted and also replaced the memory.

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    Re: Dead Bizhub Press C1070

    I believe the problem is in DC Power source dcps2

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    Dead Bizhub Press C1070

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    Re: Dead Bizhub Press C1070

    Which Power Supply board did you exchange? There are 2. Like lartis.aineias said, this sounds like a DCPS /2 problem if source power is confirmed good.

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    Re: Dead Bizhub Press C1070

    Follow trouble shooting procedure in the manual called something like "Trouble that does not display service code".

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