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    Re: Image Repeating Issue in bizhub c454e

    let's give him another day^^

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    Image Repeating Issue in bizhub c454e

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    Re: Image Repeating Issue in bizhub c454e

    Quote Originally Posted by Gift View Post
    let's give him another day^^
    Ha-ha! I could care less if they ever reply. I gave my advice and have nothing more to add. Perhaps if they become a contributor to this forum & provide more information I will offer more support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by copyman View Post
    This is what happens all the time. Original poster asks their first question on the forum several techs waste their time answering and you never hear back from them! Probably because they are using aftermarket parts & toners and didn't like hearing the truth. Either way they will eventually know the FREE help they received here was true and good advice.
    That is why I didn't hold a bit my opinion 😅
    If it's a fellow tech that is another story for me.
    You know all nasty staff they throw everyday at us...
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    Re: Image Repeating Issue in bizhub c454e

    First appologies for the long delay....extremely occupied in work ...... after fixing my machine and printing 12500 sheets i am writing this post. I did few things ....
    1. Pullout filter (back side of machine) clean with blower it again reinstall.
    2. For full colored print of a single color i put white paper sheet on glass and make 50 blank copies (i taught drum got over toned) after 40+ blank white copies that over tone issue resolved automatiacally.
    3. pullout cables (white colored) form PWB-VD2 board under power supply clean them and put them again in board and didn't face that problem again.

    I think it happend because of moister in air and rainy season in our city. I use TN-615 in my machines. i dont know it is good for this model or not but i am extermely satisfied with its performance and consistent result.

    This is only my opinion and what i feel and think to fix my machine, experts know well.


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