I can request in the manual request subforum for a manual if this isn't an easy question to answer.

I'm sysadmin at smaller library and have 2 Minolta MS6000 microfilm readers, one with a matching Minolta printer. These are ancient machines so rather than recycle both I found a local history nonprofit that would love to take them off my hands.

The issue is the good working unit has a Minolta 3090 coin op that I can't seem to defeat. I've successfully removed the wiring harness that connects the reader to the coin op but there's a further step required to have the reader just print without the need for the coin op.

I want to be clear, I have zero budget to purchase time for a service tech or some other service to get this configured for the receiver.

Does anyone know what method to disable this is? I'm assuming there is a dip switch or service mode for the scanner but Google and this forum come up with nothing. I recall a thread from 2009 where the helpful folk here provided that OP a manual, either way if you can assist that would be much appreciated.