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    Re: Diagonal Yellow Stripes C554e

    The auger under the toner hopper may be jammed up with toner. Shine a torch through this part circled in image at the end of the auger to see if you can see yellow in it. It may mean the fabric washer (no17 in the image) is damaged and toner is getting past it. This stops the auger turning correctly so not letting toner through to the developer unit. If this is the cause it will drain the next developer you put in it too.


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    Diagonal Yellow Stripes C554e

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    Re: Diagonal Yellow Stripes C554e

    Quote Originally Posted by dxoliveira View Post
    Thanks for that new information.

    Can i replace just the drums or it is recommended to replace the image unit completely?
    This model doesn't use Image units. The drums and developer are separate. Much less expensive than having to buy complete image units!

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