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    2th broken transfer belt

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    Re: 2th broken transfer belt

    Quote Originally Posted by Lync View Post
    Most toner has developer (or carrier) in it, this can scratch and damage the parts you want to protect. You can extract the developer out of the toner using magnets but it takes a long time and you might not get it all out. Setting toner is yellow toner without developer. Yellow is used because if you get a small amount of pure yellow come out on a print you won't really notice it.
    Makes sense about yellow color not being noticeable. Like I posted I've used yellow OEM toner right out of the bottle with developer mixed in and never a problem with scratching the drum or belt. It seems like very little developer is mixed with the toner.

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    Re: 2th broken transfer belt

    Quote Originally Posted by emujo2 View Post
    I hope you dont break a 3th
    Quote Originally Posted by allan View Post
    Or even the 4de one.

    hope not, I replaced and I have already 5k prints, I check everyday for changes but everything seems to be ok…

    I took all parts from assy and wash them + oil on bearings. Changed cleaning assy (hope to not be from it, because it was also new )

    now everything it’s ok, we see until 10k copies , because around 10k copies I have the problem…

    thanks everyone for help!

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