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    Re: C250i No yellow on rear side of page

    Quote Originally Posted by Mildred View Post
    I had an issue the other day when changing a drum.

    When I released the pressure of the developer I lost magenta on the rear side of the page. Just like your yellow.
    I stopped the print and checked image on the drum and transfer belt. Found it was not transferring developer from developer to drum.
    My TCR levels were correct around 6 to 7.

    What I found was the developer ! Just above the developer roller there is a black cover that goes the length of the developer roller. It slides in and clips into place. From a quick glance it looks in place but is loose and held in by tape if I recall. Not properly clipped in. When this guide is out of position it alters the developer to drum spacing causing faint prints front to rear.

    I have attached a picture of a developer with a arrow pointing to the guide I am referring.

    Hope this helps, if it the same as my issue I had.

    This is very interesting, thanks for heads up Mildred!
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    Re: C250i No yellow on rear side of page

    I think you should check the patches. That worked for me too. safety pool fencepool fence

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