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    Konica C227, sep claw fuser


    Two of the sep claws, on the left side are broken !
    Now every A4 portrait and A3 jams or gives an curl .

    Want to replace one of the claws from the right side to the left . . .
    But, can this be done?
    Manual does not show how to replace the claws, don't think that replacing the fuser completely is necessary is it?

    Not much experience on this model

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Konica C227, sep claw fuser

    yes, it takes 5 minutes

    remove the rear cover of the fuser- where the leads for thermistor etc go through, then if you put a philips screw driver in through the rear of the fuser, there's 3 screws that hold the plastic plate above the pawls, the rest is easy - ish, the fun bit is reinserting the end screw back again
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    Re: Konica C227, sep claw fuser

    In KM forget it I think that I got them in Katun

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