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    CF card for flashing machines

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    CF card for flashing machines

    Hello there, guys and gals!

    I lost my CF card and had to buy a new one to flash KM machines (C250 and the likes). I could only get my hands on a Kingston (256Mb, cost me around $20 ). Before opening the package (so I can eventually return it), can anyone tell me if the bizhub machines like this brand of CF cards? I know how picky those machines can be.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We couldn't get Kingston brand cards to work with the bizhub's a few years ago. They were 256 and 512MB cards. I don't know what they are like today.
    After we went through a couple of no-name cards we got some Sandisk cards, which work all the time.
    We also got some 128MB Kodak cards from a $2 bin, we were going to use them for Kyoceras but one of the techs used it for a C250 and it worked fine.
    I think it comes down to how fast the nachine can read the card, if it takes too long then the machine wont accept the card.
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