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    C450 jam in switch back.

    The machine jams and the paper is stuck in the switch back and when it reverses the gears are grinding. I at first thought that it was the motor in the duplex so I swapped the unit and it still jams. Has anyone had an issue with the unit on this machine? I would assume it would be the reversing motor.
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    You might want to take the whole shebang apart and clean out the old grease. It can thicken with time and cause too much resistance in the duplex system.

    I kid you not, I've had success with this

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    when installed, and the door is closed the optional duplex unit disengages the drive gears (from the fuser drive) that drive the exit rollers, and then the duplex unit is fully responsible for driving the exit rollers.

    Ensure nothing is broken in that area and that the exit drive gears are fully disengaging from the fuser drive system, and ONLY being driven by the duplex unit.

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