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    C351 Can not get scan to e-mail set up to work

    First off I am in over my head, I upgraded from a Bizhub DI3010 to the C351. I am trying to set up the scan to e-mail. I have taken the IP address for the e-mail server and port number from our DI3010. The e-mail address is hosted thru and thats who we got the ip address from for their server. As soon as the scan goes thru is it coming up with Server not found. What am I missing here? below is the info from pagescope. It is plugged into our network and is working, able to print form all computers in the office and able to use FTP.

    E-Mail Transmission (SMTP) Configuration
    Transmission Enable
    SMTP Sever Address
    Port Number 25 (1-65535)
    Connection Timeeout 180 Seconds
    Max Mail Size Enable
    SMTP Server Capacity 10 Mbyte (l-100)
    Administrator Mail Address
    Device Mail Address
    POP Before SMTP 60 Seconds (0-60) (This is checked)
    SMTP Authentication
    User Name data©
    Realm (Do I need to put anything into this?
    Binary Division Dsabte
    Divided Mail Size Kbyte

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    Turn off Binary Division for starters. Also make sure there is an email address is in the admin area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRodgers View Post
    Turn off Binary Division for starters. Also make sure there is an email address is in the admin area.
    The bianaries are turned off and there is an e-mail address in the Admininatrator mail address. I meant to just just part of the e-mail addres and instead deleted the whole thing. Also i changed the ip host from the IP address to host name and did not get an immediate server not available btu it ultimately cam eup wtih the error server not available.

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