I print around 500K per week on two 920s, using its form feature, well for the last 4 weeks - i stopped printing from adobe and starting saving the backround as a form and just sending a blank page with the data, spools so much faster and as the jobs are in 60K batches i can send 30K in around 4 minutes, once the form is correct and stored in the ic-203.

for the life of me i can not figure out how to delete the forms, there is a place in the driver (PS plug-in driver) to do this, but it asks for a password, the password is limited to a 3 digit alphanumeric on the copier but in the driver is not limited at all.

I can get into everything but this. From the 920, you press utility, then controller, then plug-in forms

it asks for the current plug-in forms password, here it is limited to 3 digits. i have tried everything from

203, 302, 000, 123, 111, 888, BOX, Box, box, 920, Adm, ADM, and even the last 3 of the serial number.

my copier company is looking into this but I am starting to drown in forms, it hard enough without the clog.

let me know if you need more information.