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    Konica 8050 own, verus Ricoh 5560 rental

    I have had a Konica 8050 for 4 years. It has been an OK machine. We now own the machine. I have call the company that has serviced it for a couple of years to get a service contract on the machine since parts and service calls are so expensive. They advised me that it would cost thousands to get the machine up to par before a service contract could be issued. The machine has 1.5 million copies on counter. Their advice was to leave as is and call when needed. This can sometimes take 3 to 4 days for repair.
    I have an offer from another company to rent Ricoh 5560 at a very reasonable rate and response time is 4 hours maximum. The features seem to be close to the same. Any comments on comparison would be appreciated.

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    Konica 8050 own, verus Ricoh 5560 rental

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    We have got these 8050`s with far higher click and they still run ok. Has your machine been regularly serviced as per the PM schedule? Or has it always just had the basics to keep it running? If the PMs have been done I cannot understand why it would cost thousands to get to standard..unless the company wants rid of it!

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