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    Bizhub C451 Weak image when Copying from scanner only

    Bizhub C451 when copying from scanner weak copies. Firmware at R6, when doing gradation figures are in the 200's. any thoughts ?

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    Assuming you have cleaned out the Optics. Also check someone has not changed settings in Administer mode. Sometimes Resetting to defaults helps.

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    When is the last time you ran stabilization and gamma adjustments. If they are at 200 then they are out of spec. Could be bad iu, bad transfer belt, dirty sensors, dirty mirrors, bad ccd. Most of mine (after running each 3-6 times each) they are usually less then 50.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharanman View Post
    Bizhub C451 when copying from scanner weak copies. Firmware at R6, when doing gradation figures are in the 200's. any thoughts ?
    If the gradation does not correct this, then in one situation I had a customer who had blank copies. Though not the same problem, you may have a similar problem to mine. The fix was relatively simple.

    Check the heavy cable that runs to the IPB (image process board). Remove the right side panel on the scanner section and you will see the connector for the cable plugged into the IPB. Disconnect it and reconnect it. Same thing with the connection at the other end. You will need to remove the right side rear cover (the one where your network port is) to get at the other end of that cable. Again, disconnect and reconnect.
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