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    authentication failure c452 AU102

    i have some trouble to activate the authentication on an c452 with the biometric fingerprint reader AU102.
    i run all the configuration without problem. I also can setup a new user. during the setup i can do the 3 finger print reads without error also the authentication test after run without error.
    If i go then in the standart mode and try to authenticate myself, it gives me the authentication error.

    Any tips ?

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    Ensure your firmware is up to date on the machine. Current is B8 on this series.

    Also, on the TSB, it does not specifically name the biometric device, however, there are entries that indicate that authentication will fail if the user does not have all the fields in setup filled. An email address should be entered where applicable is the common theme. According to the tsb, it does not have to be an actual address, but the field must be filled.
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