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    c353 error code c-2152

    The machines transfer belt is full so I removed it to look at it and when I installed it back in the code keeps showing c2152. I cleared the counter and trouble reset the machine and the code is still there any suggestions thanks

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    c353 error code c-2152

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    A 2152 is a transfer belt alienation error. On the back side of the frame their is a actuator that tells the machine whether the transfer rollers are in black or color mode. Their was a update for the metal housing a while back. It is kind of a fun project to get to it. What happens is the metal housing bends and the actuator does not activate the sensor right. Hope that helps

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    We had this error few times, resolved it this way: wiped contacts on machine's inside wall, on left side of transfer belt, and reinstalled the belt.

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