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    Minolta EP2130 Drum Unit

    Greetings to All,

    Well, I must confess, I\\\'m not a copier repair tech. I make my living in the supplies end of the business. But a customer has given me the copier mentioned in the Subject line, and it seems to be in perfectly good working condition, except for the drum unit has reached the maximum copy count and shut the machine down. Now I don\\\'t want to buy a new drum unit (too expensive even at wholesale), and I suspect that is the reason my customer didn\\\'t want to continue using the copier also.

    Anyway, I wonder if there is a way to reset the copy counter on this machine, or the drum cartridge, so I could continue to use it past the recommended copy count. I have done this on copiers by other makers, and been able to extend the life of a used copier.


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    Re:Minolta EP2130 Drum Unit

    There\'s a small fuse on the imaging unit which resets the I U counter. I don\'t know the value of it but if you can jump it and turn on the copier for a few seconds, it should reset.
    Make sure you remove the toner bottle before doing this or it will add the whole bottle.

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    Re:Minolta EP2130 Drum Unit

    go to look in the minolta copier tech tips and it tells you how to reset the image cartridge

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    John T

    Re:Minolta EP2130 Drum Unit

    Smarka has the info to reset. I usually get another 2-3000 copies from these after resetting. has the starter, fuses, and drums to rebuild the I/U. Drum is work, but just starter has worked fine for me. Don\'t bother putting the fuse in the I/U unless youre taking it to a customer. Just follow the jumper instructions using the main board contacts. I have just used a wire to jump in the past, but I am more cautious now and the fuses are cheap enough.

    Good luck.

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