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Thread: Bizhub C35

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    Thumbs down Bizhub C35

    ghost jam tray1. Bypass OK. Any ideas. This is really nightmare...
    I think this machine is really unsuccessful.

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    You mean "Tray 2?" As they have annoyingly labelled the bypass on this machine as "Tray 1".... Many headaches with this machine - really not what they made it out to be. Lots of cheap parts and firmware issues.

    Have you tried updating the firmware, or sending back the board? KM is still doing free replacements on the older boards bought before (I believe) sometime in feb/march?

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    There is also an issue with the reg clutch having the wiring routed incorrectly. Dealers should be able to get the bulletin and FOC parts to fix.
    And Star Trek was just a tv show...yeah right!

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    I have had many customers complain of tray 1 jams...100% of the time it is operator error. On the C35, the user must push the bypass tray paper platform down before loading paper (thus the big hand symbol on the tray). Not sure why any manufacturer would label the bypas tray "tray 1" though. PS..How you doing Mr Spock? Emujo

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