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    Konica 8050 transfer belt cleaning

    I have been seeing alot of waste toner backing up in the Transfer belt cleaning unit. Sometimes it codes on M18 lock (the motor that drives belt and w/t). The M18 lock is because the cleaner unit is packed solid with waste toner. I cleck out the drive, OK... Check out the W/T system, OK.

    I have noticed 2 types of cleaner units on the 8050... the earlier models had a fur brush in the T/B cleaner unit... the mew style has a rubber cleaning roller.

    I have never had a problem with the old fur brush type, but ALL of the failures have been on the units with the rubber roller.

    Is any one having problems with these units?

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    CMYK, there is a patch for this problem, its heat-related and cause by airflow.Make sure m/c is away from wall and filters are not blocked.

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    Remove the filter

    Make sure you have the wider style airbox and leave the filter out, worst case you get a dirty wall that can be cleaned. Solved my problems.

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    Yeah there is a ROM version out to fix it. I agree with the filters as well.
    I have had it where the waste toner pipes where blocked and after 4 calls i found
    2:striped drive gear on cleaning unit (the D shaft worn)
    3:stripped drive belts on drum cleaning units Y & M (behind process carriage on back of machine)
    4:striped gear at top left hand side of waste pipes (again D shaft wear).

    They should have kept the old style fur brush and put the new mylars in the unit i think.

    PS. I hope your toner pipes aren't blocked, what a pain in the ass to clean. The machine i had it happen to i couldn't open the process unit. After yanking for 5 min it came out but the toner pipes were welded to the Y and M drum units!! Huge Mess!!

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