Hi Guys,

My customer has a HP all in one color laser multifunction (copier, fax, scanner). With that, he's able to fax using his videotron phone line. However, with the installation of the Konica Minolta Bizhub 200, he cannot fax....the status just says sending and it never really dials or faxes out. I have a tone on the line and can plug an analog phone on it to dial out to my cell phone successfully. I have the same situation at another customer, but he's using another VOIP provider. Any Insight as to why Konica Minolta machines are doing this??? Is there any setting I can change on the machine to at least work with the videotron line? I've heard that for VOIP providers you need protocols V36 & T28 (End to End), but I'm not knowledgable enough with regards to those protocols a phone telecoms in general... maybe someone could provide me with some clarifications on those too. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!